úterý 9. prosince 2008

How can I register on Gmail

Actualy, we're talking about easy work, which can take us just 5 minutes. First and the most important you have to visit website www.gmail.com, where you can't miss words "Sign up for Gmail" (as you can see on the picture below, there it is in blue frame in right down corner).

Next step will show you, how it looks and what you have to do on next page (page after you click to "Sign up for Gmail"). As first there are text areas for your personal information (your first and last name). Secondly you'll have to write down name of your email account - once, you'll be done with registration, you'll sign up with this mail address (for example your email can be "jack@gmail.com" or "jesica@gmail.com"). In next area Gmail asks you for your password and he also shows you, how safe your password is - this step depends just on you, like all others. In step below you have to choose a question, which one google will ask you, if you lose or forget your password. You also have to write the answer and second email (on this second email Gmail'll send you forgoten password, if you'll answer as well). If you're done, your next task is that you have to choose country, where you live. Than Gmail wants you to re-type the text in the picture into area below (that's because of spam). Your last point in this way is to click on button ("I accept Create my account"), which will register you into gmail services. Don't worry, if you've didn't understand it from text, all points of registration you can find on picture below.

So now, you're member of Gmail. On website www.gmail.com you'll just write down your name and password and you're in. Welcome to Gmail.